From 1991 'till 1994 the dutch ska-band Dance Cleopatra (named after a Prince Buster traditional) played around Holland, giving their audiences some shows to remember. Loved by one part of the then-around dutch ska scene, and hated by an other part. In short, a controversial band that, as appeared later, was the ground for offspring for new bands like the Screamin' Abdubs and Longshot.

Please feel free to download the songs from our 1993 demo:
Bad Dreams
A Day In The Park
Doc Martens Carry Me Home
Who Comes In Last
Walking In The Rain

These songs were ripped from a demo-cassette, we apologize for the quality, but we really do not own a better copy of the songs.
Both "Doc Martens" and "Who Comes In Last" were also recorded by Marc's following band Longshot in 1997, for their "0251"-CD.

Offbeat and MC Towel, founders of Dance Cleopatra, Amsterdam, febuari 1999/januari 2007

live at Queensday 1993, Vijzelstraat, Amsterdam